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Welcome To Combat Karate!

Here at last is your chance to make an overwhelming difference to your life in this, no nonsense, no ego, refreshingly modern freestyle system of devastating martial arts training in Noosa that will accelerate your health, fitness, flexibility, strength, power, stamina and confidence to amazing levels.

Move Beyond Your Limits

Combat Karate is not just about a striking, disciplined martial art; it’s more than that. As you progress through the grades you will realise that this freestyle sports karate and martial arts training system is rapidly arming you with many skills including highly effective Special Forces fitness, unarmed combat and self defence. Even after your first training class you will have the tools to be able to defend yourself, your family and friends. Shihan Martin Day 6th Dan is the founder of Combat Karate. He served for 20 years in the British Army including time with Special Forces. After training with other martial arts organisations, he was disappointed and frustrated that there was a distinct lack of effective self defence, tournament fighting techniques, martial arts fitness, strength and safe flexibility exercises. Shihan and all of his instructors lead by example and demonstrate everything in every training class. We are passionate about inspiring all of our students to achieve great success in a safe and friendly environment . That’s why Shihan founded Combat Karate in England in 1996, Perth in 2004 and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in 2010. Our dynamic military based training is the best it can be and we represent the ultimate in karate and martial arts training here on the Sunshine Coast.


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shihan promoted to 7th dan karate and filipino kyusho


Shihan Martin's promotion to 7th Dan Combat Karate and Filipino Kyusho Noosa and Sunshine Coast


Shihan Martin's 7th Dan Certificate Combat Karate and Filipino Kyusho Noosa and Sunshine Coast


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unarmed combat self defence course

Combat Karate and Filipino Kyusho Self Defence Noosa

Date: Saturday 17th October  12pm to 2pm

Location: Noosa Leisure Centre

Call to book: 07 5448 3543

limited places – don’t miss out!

open to everybody 12 years and above





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